Shyna's collections of handcrafted lampshades

Within our workshops, inspiration and creativity are never lacking: the experienced hands of our master craftsmen work constantly and tirelessly to bring to life the real works of art that are unique and inimitable, perfect for decorating and illuminating rooms in apartments, hotels, hotels, offices with personality, style and elegance.

In this regard, the collections that encapsulate and represent the products in the catalog are the result of ideas, designs and insights drawn at the most unthinkable times and in the most unlikely places. Journeys made both physically and mentally, experiences lived with every part of the body and soul provided the foundation for the realization of our Handcrafted lampshades made of cotton thread or pongé fabric, all equipped with a sturdy metal frame which ensures its stability and durability.


the fruit of a special weave

The Genesis collection was born from a desire to best express the grandeur and uniqueness of the special traditional technique of weaving cotton threads, handed down from father to son and almost unknown. Executed exclusively by hand, it requires not only a great deal of experience but also extreme passion and deep love; this is the recipe our master craftsmen use to make unique, personalized and custom-designed lampshades.


for cosmopolitan style

Is it possible to travel and visit any part of the world while staying inside the home? With the City collection, the answer is: absolutely! Each lampshade is named after a city in the world, capturing its distinctive details and re-proposing them through the magic of the special technique of weaving cotton threads and chosen colors. Thanks to these little masterpieces, it is possible to go from Tokyo to Mykonos in the blink of an eye, from a tall skyscraper to a golden beach just by closing your eyes; basically, a dream come true.


dare without any limits

Our creations are the result not only of passion and tradition, but also of courage and ambition: the No-rules collection is a prime example, through its color combinations that go beyond the rules and standards imposed by fashion and always aim higher. Contrasts and color plays are the real protagonists, giving even the most eccentric and original personalities a way to find their very personal way of expressing themselves. Because true freedom consists in being able to be oneself by bypassing the barriers of prejudice.

About Shyna

Craftsmanship, creativity and tradition: these are the strengths of Shyna, which harnesses the power and magic of colors to weave entirely by hand threads of cotton and pongé fabric to create unique and original lampshades. The technique used is handed down from generation to generation and provides anyone who wants it with a small work of art to flaunt with style and elegance and with which to personalize their environments. All this, thanks to the experience and passion of ourmaster craftsmen who, every day, strive to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

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Visit our online shop of handcrafted lampshades made of entirely handmade cotton thread. In addition to the division by collection, our range includes solutions for pendant and floor lamps as well as table lamps and abat-jours. Discover all the creations of our master craftsmen and decorate your rooms with originality and a thousand shades of color!