Shyna is art and design to illuminate your environments

Shyna was born from the desire to bring innovation and originality to lighting design, with the aim of finding the right balance between passion, tradition and uniqueness. Inside the workshop, the secrets of an ancient and artisanal art have been handed down from generation to generation and, over time, the skills of the individual master craftsmen have evolved following the requests and needs of the buyers.

Simple and complex at the same time, the products made by Shyna are real works of art, created to measure for each customer: there is no limit to their creation, there is no environment that does not benefit from their beauty and their elegance, there is no style that does not fully meet the taste of lampshades made categorically by hand.

Shyna creates art, with an eye to the elegance of the past, but always remaining concretely updated on the latest news in the world of lighting.

Handmade and custom-made fabric lampshades

Shyna lampshades are made entirely by hand, according to the ancient traditions of a craft now in extinction. They are customized with flair and built ad hoc for each customer.

Shyna lampshades are unique pieces, made in line with each customer's requests. Therefore, it is not a question of simple lamps, but of furnishing objects, real protagonists of the environments, of which they manage to enhance and enhance their beauty and warmth.

The quality of the materials and the accuracy of the workmanship are the common threads of Shyna's production. The lamps represent a perfect showcase that serves to show the world the beauty and elegance of the room that hosts them. Source of light and eye-catcher, they always meet the taste and style of the environment that welcomes them.

A unique process like every product

Each lamp tells a little story that intertwines 100% Italian cotton fabrics and threads, with the mastery that has always characterized a unique artisan production. In fact, when the artisan workshop starts working on a cotton thread lampshade, it takes two or three days for it to be successfully completed. The attention to detail and obsessive attention to every single detail underline its accuracy and undoubted quality. For the processing of the ponge fabric, a shorter timescale is required, but no less refined or scrupulous for this.

There is no shortage of futuristic combinations, which transform any idea into a great work, projecting an ancient and almost forgotten art into the future. Not only lampshades, but also complete table, floor, ceiling and wall lamps to furnish spaces in an original and personalized way.

Watchwords: quality, craftsmanship and creativity

The lampshades and lamps are furnishing accessories that illuminate any type of environment with vanity and elegance, whether it be domestic or work. Owning a unique piece of art arouses pride and allows you to leave anyone speechless. Each individual lampshade is a unique and inimitable piece, able to adapt to any environment, from a private home to an entertainment venue, from an elegant restaurant to a hotel in an exclusive seaside resort.

Whatever the setting presented, the lampshades and lamps created are not a mere side dish of furniture, on the contrary: they are individual designer pieces that contain the very essence of each environment, enhancing its beauty, simplicity and authenticity . Through the individual processes you can enhance the colors and scents of summer, bring to mind the lively shades of autumn and celebrate the beauty of spring nature, in its most total grandeur.

Quality is one of Shyna's strengths: in fact, only an authentic product made with the highest quality materials can find unanimous approval. The same attention is paid to the quality of the manual work, so much so that there is not a single centimeter of these lamps that is not treated with care and respect. From every point of view, Shyna lamps are small-large masterpieces of Italian craftsmanship, known and recognized worldwide.

The customer first

The expert hand of the laboratory masters is guided by another very important aspect: the desire to always and in any case satisfy the customer. For this reason, every Shyna project, right from the start, is conceived as a unique product in the world: a lampshade that will tell the customer's story and, at the same time, continue to pass on that of the craftsmen who made it.

An undisputed success, that of Shyna, which continues to make us feel all the weight and importance that the quality of the materials and excellent workmanship have always had in this sector. Examples of style that will continue to embellish over time every home, every shop, every public or private environment that will have the honor (and the good fortune) to host and show off a lampshade or a handcrafted lamp signed Shyna.

The Shyna collections

The Shyna branded collections contain unique pieces, specially made to satisfy different tastes and needs: City it is ideal for underground, sophisticated styles that aim for an urban and metropolitan design; Genesis, on the other hand, is an explosion of colors and plays of light, with solutions that allow you to illuminate the environment by creating the right atmosphere at the right time; In the end, No-Rules is the perfect collection for those who want to go against the tide, amaze their guests and give a touch of originality to their rooms without ever appearing banal. Choose the one that's right for you!

Buy Shyna handmade lampshades online

With Shyna handcrafted lampshades, made of cotton thread entirely handmade through the great experience of skilled master craftsmen, personalizing your environments becomes child's play. You can light and furnish at the same time, leaving nothing to chance, and enjoy a truly unique and original work of art. Discover all the proposals in the catalogue!